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Hi and thanks for checking out these free printable affirmations.

A lot of people ask what they are and can they really help?

And the answer is of course YES! – with the caveat – you have to know HOW to use them! Read on…

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Affirmations are not magically going to make all your heart desires appear magically at the foot of the bed the next morning (I Know?! Gutted right!!).

But they are going to change your mindset and help you take the action / adopt the behaviours / create the openness to receive what you desire most.

You can’t trick them – in this printable pack I have included affirmations that I found at the beginning of my journey. When I needed to a) believe I could cope, b) needed more positivity in my day and c) wanted to increase my happiness level!

I have also included a blank set because affirmations need to be believable to you. When you say them you have to FEEL them – as if they are already happening.

You need to harness the feeling of the affirmation to bring it into being.

Sounds a bit Kooky? maybe! but they work!

You know when someone (usually yourself) says something negative and that little seed is panted in your brain and it niggles and grows and suddenly you are living that reality?

It is SO EASY to get stuck in a negative spiral – affirmations are the reverse of this. If we believe thoughts become things affirmations give us the ability to consciously bring into being what we think.

They harness the power of our minds for positive rather than negative.

How to Use These Affirmations:

Feel free to print out as many copies of these as you like and place them around your house where you will see them often – by your bathroom mirror or on your bedside table are great places to start. I also have them on the inside of the cupboard that houses our teabags! (Tip: Because I like to have mine dotted around I print them on card like this so they stand the test of time a little longer).

You need to say them out loud and with true emotion. You need to feel as if you are already living that life – a version of fake it till you make it …

It would be fab if you can add some of your own using the blank templates.

To write an affirmation simply follow these simple guidelines:

  • Start with “I” … preferably “I am”
  • Use positive affirmations only [if you use negatives you are focused on the negative and that is what you will manifest so ALWAYS make sure your focused on the positive]
  • Use the present tense
  • Make them believable to you – there is no point in trying to kid yourself because your underlying subcurrent of “yeah right” or “as if” will be what your body responds to.
  • Be honest about what you want and wrap that up in an affirmation that you can truly say with meaning.
  • Make them specific and brief
  • Be sure to use at least one action / emotion word
  • & don’t forget to Repeat them often

For a more indepth understanding or to learn more you can’t go wrong with the work Louise Hay – who helped (& continues to do so through her books) hundreds of thousands find love, success, happiness and abundance. One of her most popular books is “Power Thoughts: 365 Daily Affirmations”

Good Luck and Happy Manifesting!

If you need any help please drop a comment below or reply to my email – I check my emails regularly and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Love Ali x

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