Hi & Welcome to Being Mummy and Me! I thought I should introduce the “Me” behind the Mummy! …
The Me Behind the MummyMy name is Ali and I live in a small rural village with my partner Ross and our 2 children (soon to be 3).  Our son, T, is 4 and has just started school [When your firstborn starts school] and our daughter, S, is 2 … & has been 2 for a VERY long time! & then there’s our Bump due to join our family airside in February 2019.

I am a self-confessed hoarder on a mission to declutter – both my home and my mind!  I have an obsessive personality so once I set my mind to something I follow it through to the nth degree – usually until something new comes along and then a whole new obsession begins!  I’m a night owl, inherently untidy, perennially late, tea drinking, biscuit dunking homebody, happiest snuggled up with my family by the fire.

I started blogging to help me find MY voice again.  I have fallen into the all too common mistake of trying to be all things to all men & ended up making myself quite ill in process.

So here starts my new beginning … charting my journey back to health and living life to the fullest with those I love the most.

I’m using this space to log my voyage into self-care & what works for me, snippets of my [totally honest] parenting life … it isn’t all roses(!), lifestyle ideas that have shaped or inspired me and holding myself accountable for our journey to financial freedom [eeeek]!

It would be lovely to connect if you can relate & / or offer tips … encouragement also welcomed!

Love Ali x


PS One of the very first self care strategies I introduced to my life was gratitude tracking.  It made such a difference to me & I’d love to share that with you – download your free gratitude tracker here