Pregnancy and Birth

Dear Body …

***Warning – this post may contain Too Much Information! It turns out I am an oversharer!***

Do you struggle with your body image when pregnant? Maybe you have lost the love for your body since having baby? Do you get caught up in flaws, imperfections and quirks?

If this is you read on my lovely!

I hope this makes you chuckle and that you can say the same to your body at the end!

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Pregnany changes our body as well as our lives, here's what I have realised and should have said long ago

Picture this:

They needed to get some more measurements at our growth scan for Baby 3 today. But Baby was tucked up tight in a ball and not being obliging. So I ended up on the bed tipped head down to a 45 degree angle in an attempt to get baby to move into a position that would work.

So there I am in all my glory at a 45 degree angle with my jeans half way down my ass, covered in gel, butt in the air, swinging my hips from side to side – honestly pregnancy is all glamour (!).

The sonographer is talking to the trainee about my placenta and blood flow through the cord and then she says she’s going to check the cervix … WHOA! I thought she was going to reach for that horrible little wand thing – thank heavens it was still abdominal [although 3rd baby – still pretty low to go!]. Any ways … this is what she said next:

“Now, normally the cervix presents as two clear lines – but, as this lady has had 2 children already, this cervix is less defined and appears fuzzy

It was at this point R & I got the giggles. I quipped “Yep, it’s been RUINED” and we were done.

But then I got to thinking …

As well as finding this hilarious there is a lesson here. I reflected on what my body has been through and how I treat it – you know this body I constantly criticize, berate, spot flaws with etc etc … I always forget what it has accomplished.

Pregnancy can take it's toll on our bodies - here is what I should have been saying to my body!

So I just want to say:

to my Fuzzy Cervix … I salute you …

to my stretch marks covered and saggy tummy … I am grateful …

to my breasts … huge kudos! 52 months of breastfeeding completed and a further 26 to come … you are awesome …

to my nips … you may well now be forever changed … cluster feeds, teething, chicken pox, and niplash galore … none of it beat you … you are epic! …

to my feet – I look forward to seeing you again soon …

to my pelvis … hang on in there … this is the last time I promise … SPD sucks!

to my pelvic floor … thanks for the good times – it was nice to have known you … I am trying to remember our kegels but, let’s be honest, in the face of childbirth … it’s a jog round the block vs a marathon at sprint pace!

to my heart … thank you for expanding more than I thought possible and for allowing pieces of you to exist outside of my body …

to my tired eyes … there will be time for sleep soon(ish) I promise … in the meantime please keep soaking up as much as you can …

to my exasperated mind … some days may be long, but the years will all be gone way too soon, thank you for storing my memories – please continue to keep them safe & keep on adding … again … I promise rest will come … eventually!

Thank you Dear Body of mine that I have been blessed to know the gift of carrying our offspring and for nurturing them through their early years.

Thank you for giving me two beautiful and positive birth experiences [if we could agree the same for this last birth that would be great!]

And finally … an apology … I am sorry Dear Body that I always dwell on the negatives; that I focus on the bits of you I don’t like rather than the gifts you have given me; also, while we are here, apologies for all the cr*p I feed you … I promise to try harder … probably!

But I WILL try to be more positive – to appreciate and nurture you more and to focus on my blessings!

Is there anything you would like to say to your body? Do you focus on the niggles you dislike or the amazing things our bodies go through? Let’s see if we can share positives … comment below 🙂

Love Ali x

PS I will be blogging about our 3rd birth (2nd homebirth) here so don’t forget to follow and check back!

Big Loves x

body positivity can be hard to come by but after pregnancy changes we can forget how amazing our bodies are. Here's my apology to my body & what I should have been saying all along!

Postpartum body positivity can be a challenge. Embrace your body for what it has achieved and how hard it has been tested. bringing a baby into the world is a big deal and as Mum we are often way too hard on ourselves.  Here's my open apology to my postpartum body.

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