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When you are struggling to simplify life…

Something I read earlier today has really stuck with me … like, REALLY stuck & it’s this simple:

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It’s a diagram from the first chapter in Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

I downloaded it onto my kindle literally this morning and OH MY DAYS … I think I have half the first chapter highlighted!

Lightbulbs are going on in my brain like fireworks! It’s really talking to me – I am nodding like a Churchill dog skiing down a mogul field whilst reading!

So in my enthusiasm I was telling Ross over dinner about my lightbulb moments and he said I have something you should watch …  He showed me a video of Simon Sinek and it was so true … this struck me:

I’m probably paraphrasing but you get the gist!

You see I started this blog to refind me and built and started writing some of my thoughts quite quickly.  Then I started to google “blog tips” aarrrgghhh … big mistake! I have quickly found myself pulled in all directions; literally drowning myself in tips, videos, how to’s, what not to do’s … The problem is I have fully reverted to type and have suffered from a severe case of analysis paralysis!

From finding satisfaction, dare I say it, joy, in writing and publishing my first ramblings I have now spent a week feeling inadequate and that I need to watch a tonne more training before I can move forward.  Going back to Greg’s diagram – my energy has been pulled 1cm in 100 directions – meaning I have gone precisely nowhere … rather than going 100cm in one direction – in which case I would have moved forward!

So … Dear Self: a note to you:

Take your Essentialist Diagram from Greg and your insight from Simon [Thanks Guys!] and put your energy back into building this blog, finding your voice and your joy … for YOU.

I truly hope that through this little corner of the t’interweb I can connect with others on similar journeys, but for now I know I need to focus on MY why and MY well-being.  If what I write resonates or helps anyone who stumbles here and has read this far … amazing…

Love Ali x


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