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Top 5 Small Actions to lead a happier, healthier Life

Changing my perspective on challenging times has helped me set new goals, habits, and priorities for the year ahead.  I am genuinely more excited about what 2019 can bring than I can remember … and it’s my last year in my 30’s … so why not pick this as the perfect year to start a whole new beginning?

I used to think 2018 had been a pretty terrible year for me – but actually lots of good happened too.  I know I want to be more positive for the future. The realisation that I have to stop looking OUTSIDE of myself for that is a big one.

2019 is set to be a huge year for us. We are looking forward to welcoming our third and final baby. And it’s the year I am 100% committing to taking control and building our better future based on our goals and dreams.

Starting with recognising where I am limiting myself.

I have built my framework for 2019 around a set of quotes and inspirations that have helped me totally shift my mindset.  By fully embracing principles of personal growth, essentialism, minimalism and self care I have firmly set our compass and trajectory to a happier and more fulfilled life.

I now understand that whilst I have to look inwards for that change there are some outward habits I need to create to smooth that transition.

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Self care is now a priority for me. You may think I am a little mad with a new baby imminent! But I have actively recognised the importance of taking that time for me (you can read a bit more on that here).

By loving and caring for myself I am better able to focus my energy onto my family and lead by example for my children.

Made so much easier by the realisation that self care isn’t actually all about spa days or bubble baths with a glass of wine and a face mask (although given the chance I wouldn’t say no!).

Important to take time out for ourselves - we can't pour from empty vups and always put ourselves last. Ways to weave self care into your day, make time for it whilst juggling day to day life

It’s the realisation that there are literally thousands of ways we can build self care into our daily lives. Take something that isn’t driving you to your fullest potential or means you aren’t cherishing yourself enough and make small changes.

The sum of little changes soon adds up.

I have committed 30 minutes a day to reading and coaching myself – on a whim following a conversation with a friend I invested in

and within days of starting I am already seeing huge differences in my mindset and outlook. In fact, I  am so pleased with the difference it has made I have already bought the second book too!

I’m also using Greg McKeown’s book on

For too long now I have been seeking approval and respect from others: when really I should have been seeking it from myself.

I have always struggled with over thinking and analysis paralysis, these books are really honing my sights on what and WHO I want to be.

Fiona Harrold starts off asking us to write down our limiting self beliefs.  This is SO EASY! Have you ever noticed how we can write pages of self critical damnation but struggle to accept, talk or acknowledge what we LIKE about ourselves?!

Apparently it’s a very Westerm phenomenon and actually it’s very British to bumble and self deprecate.

The problem is we do it so often. It becomes our inner monologue which then fundamentally guides our attitudes and beliefs.

We are literally our own worst enemies!

So further to my post about mindset changes I am making I am now also adding these to the list!!!

1. Being Healthier in the Morning:

Notice I said healthier – not healthily. Of course that is my ultimate goal. But as a fussy eater I know I am not suddenly going to change overnight … but there are some massively simple things I can change or swap to make a huge difference:

  • Lemon and Water shall be the first thing I drink. I have pre-sliced and frozen lemons so it’s less effort than getting a tea bag, milk & sugar! No excuses now!
  • Breakfast: Porridge pot & a yoghurt- yes, it’s not overnight oats with mixed berries and it’s a pre-prepared pot – but it’s better than nothing [current standard] or a pastry or bacon sarnie from the work canteen at 9.30 because I am starving!

2. Skin Care:

I can be a bit hit and miss and skip elements – but I am committing to building these into my routine as a minimum:

  • Rose water – I spritz onto my face to tone as I am getting out of the shower – such a difference!
  • Moisturiser – applied before I brush my teeth so it absorbs whilst I brush
  • Face mask 1x a week – because I love mine and I can!
  • Night cream: I have heard rave reviews about this one so as soon as my current pot is done I am treating myself.
  • Hydration: a recurring theme for me – I am going to find a bottle I love to add to my baby changing bag!

3. Body:

  • Move more – I know that with a breastfeeding newborn plus a 5 & a 3 year old life is going to be pretty full on anyway but by making little changes and moving more [walking rather than taking the car] that’s better than where I am now – I can always layer in more next year – PAH who am I kidding?!
  • Appreciation – oh how I wish I could go back and have a chat with my 18 year old self! … here’s a little post to my body that I should have written long ago!
  • 7 hours sleep [newborn – ha!]
  • Hydration – whilst breastfeeding it’s even more important so I have no excuses now it appears twice on my list!

4. Evenings:

  • Make sure I DO my 15 minute blitz!

 5. Nightime:

  • 1 hour screen free before bed
  • Gratitude journal: honestly the best way to build your positivity stash and go to sleep happy.
  • Nightcream – stop forgetting!
Log your positives with this free printable gratitudetracker

Golly – when I list it out it looks like a lot! By habit stacking I intend to avoid setting goals and not actually assimilating them into life.  That’s why my skincare routine fits around things I do daily anyway – rose water + shower; moisturiser + brush teeth.

By breaking down my goals into smaller chunks and introducing changes gradually I’ll build a sustainable routine that becomes second nature.

What are your ideas for small changes that soon add up? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Love Ali x

PS Gratitude Journalling is really beneficial … have you ever been tempted to give it a go? Download your *free* gratitude journal here

top 5 changes to make to your day to increase happiness and productivity. Making self care a priority in daily life
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