Can a Night Owl REALLY become an Early Bird?!

How to be a Morning Person – When You’re Anything But!

You know you should get up … but you can’t. Every cell in your body is begging you to stay in bed … it’s so warm and snug and you are still so damn tired! … and yet it IS morning already – how can that be?

You just want to lie in blissful denial hoping somehow it’s not Tuesday – it’s Sunday – and you have those miracle kids who allow you to sleep in …

I hear you – this was me too …

My eyes are stuck shut, my feet have turned to lead and my butt is so snug in it’s divot in the memory foam it’s almost one with it …

This was how it was, when, on a particularly gloomy morning, with the half light outside struggling to light the room I dragged myself out of bed with a groan.

I was already late.

As we raced to make it to the school gate before it was locked I could feel my heart pounding and I felt the heat of annoyance start to flow through my veins with a white hot intensity.

& I knew, (because let’s be honest … deep down we know the answer – it’s just not always one we want to hear) but… I knew… I needed to become a Morning Person!

Say hello to my biggest, strongest limiting self belief:

I’m a night owl, always have been … it’s who I am.

But soon there’ll be a newborn too – how the heck am I going to cope?

Being a night owl has always been a part of my identity. My parents have said (since I was a small baby) I was a nightmare to get to sleep and therefore a nightmare to wake up in the mornings.

I realised “this is just a belief I hold about myself”.

And it was holding me back from the life I truly wanted.

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Hence at the ripe old age of 39 I set myself a challenge…

The Miracle Morning.

by Hal Elrod

I’ve heard great things about this book and how it’s transformed people’s lives and to be honest: I needed it to show me how to transform mine.

Days are full. Mornings rushed and hectic during the week then long and unproductive at the weekends.

Mission Impossible!

Getting out on time for the school run with the other two children dressed and ready felt like mission impossible! & here I was about to add a newborn into the mix!

I invariably end up a hot & sweaty stressed out Momma rushing through breakfast & corralling children into their clothes and the car.

Where were those Insta perfect mornings where we all snuggle in bed, get up in leisurely fashion and move forward with our day positively, happy & smiling?

I never wanted to be the mum constantly frazzled, desperately trying to get the children into the car whilst brushing her hair, finishing a mouthful of now cold toast as she tries to do her seatbelt.

So… could I change from being a permanent night owl? From somebody who has believed their whole life that they’re only productive and energized in the evenings to somebody who relishes getting up in the morning?

Procrastination stops here!

Early on in the book came my first epiphany. My first thought in the morning was “ugh … here we go again – it’s too early – I’m not ready to start the day”. **Hits Snooze**

That’s what I had to change

Mindset Matters!

You see HOW you wake up in the morning sets everything up to give you the day you’re expecting.

So instead of waking up and thinking “oh no, I’m so tired, I have no energy, I’ve got to drag myself out of bed”. The Miracle Morning focuses on positivity.

Waking up earlier and with a plan to intentionally start the day positively with a routine we enjoy.

Can this momma become a morning person?!
Waking up would feel a lot easier without these little sleep thieves!

Looking forward to waking up … an alien concept to me!

SO … I’m following the 6 Life S.A.V.E.R.S. to change from being a lifelong night owl to a morning person

As always, I knew I needed to set myself up for success by preparing. This isn’t part of my procrastinator mentality *whispers* (yes it is). However, this was me committing and making that promise to myself to follow through.

How to prepare for your Miracle Morning:

1 . Water

Get it ready the night before. I have a bottle I refill but as we are nearing summer now I think I might invest in one of these so it’s still cool and refreshing in the morning… nothing worse than tepid water and this review swayed me.

The first act of self care in he morning is a fresh glass of water. The benefits include flushing out toxins and improved digestive tract health. Plus you feel fresher and more awake!
No Excuses!

By doing this there are no more excuses that starting to rehydrate isn’t the first thing we do in the morning!

And lets be honest the benefits are well documented – toxins are flushed out of your system; digestive tract health is improved; etc etc … but most of all I simply feel more awake! Which leads me nicely on to tip 2 …

2. Brush your teeth

Brushing teeth straight away means you’ll feel fresher and more ready for the day. Plus it means you have to get out of bed!

3. Get moving!

Yoga: AKA something I wanted to do for years but never focused on building into my day.

Get moving in the morning, even gentle stretches to feel fresher and more productive for the rest of your day.  Gentle yoga routines are perfect for this.

I had always told myself I’d need to go to a class or commit to a course for weeks but these were excuses. That is not the case!

There’s so much available on YouTube this is the one I was recommended to try first.

Edited to say: this is now a favourite as it’s gentle enough for my postpartum bod, but enough for me to feel the benefit.

4. Pretty Stationery!

Ok – any excuse right?! This is THE PERFECT REASON to buy this little beauty ...

my beautiful new journal for my miracle morning challenge

Seriously though, I wanted to get this for ages but thought I would never find the time to do it. Now I have the perfect motivation to wake up and fill it in!

Have you tried the miracle morning? Are you naturally a morning person? Or are you like me? A perennial night owl who’s rather skeptical they’ll ever turn into a morning person but willing to give it a go?

Here’s my promise to myself – racing the gate padlock is a thing of the past! What’s yours?

Love Ali x

PS comment below if you’re interested in joining, let’s do this together!

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