Mindset Changes I am Making To Be the Best Version of Myself

How I am focussing on changing my mindset; to regaining me …

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For so long I have struggled with not really knowing who I am anymore – the very title of this blog gives that away and the fact I have designated a whole section to my journey into self-care!  I have taken a lot of time to reflect on why I have been unable to lift the cloud I feel like I have been under for a while now.  Having come to a crossroads I was forced to take time to think – time in silence to try to work through my mind and I am actually really proud that I sought the help I so desperately needed.  As I start my journey out of the gloom there have already been quite a few lightbulb moments so I wanted to capture and share them here.

1)      Focus on the Positive

I almost entitled this post “the problems with me” and that perfectly encapsulates the mindset change I need! Rather than focus on the negative I am committing to turn everything on its head and focus on the positive.  Perfect example – to view this post positively I have recognised my tendency to negativity and am consciously working to reverse this.

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2)      Focus on What I Do Have & Know

A focus on lack creates a feeling of lack

focus positivity
Gratitude quote

… I am committing to turn this into happiness and abundance by starting a focus on gratitude.

3)      Get Out of Analysis Paralysis

Having an obsessive personality I don’t take action unless I am 1000% sure it is right.  I often get caught in the vortex of learning and planning and not actually DOING. So with this blog I am committed to starting and seeing where the journey leads, learning as I go.

Courage direction future

4)      Remove Fear of Failure and Replace with Anticipation and Excitement for Success

On reflection what have the years spent worrying and planning actually brought me other than a very unhealthy obsession with stationery and spreadsheets?!

Is worry ever productive? I need to consciously recognise when worry or fear are my limiting factors and go for it regardless … at least I will have tried and I would definitely rather look back on my life & know

It’s better to regret something you have done

and learn from it than to always wonder what if …

Courage excitement anticipation

5)      Stop Worrying about What Others Think

Self Care

I now trust that focussing on doing what makes me happy will bring me everything I need, a sense of peace and fulfilment.

6)      Self-Care is not Selfish it’s Necessary – Do it!

This seems to be a topic on everyone’s radar at the moment – maybe it’s the nights drawing in?! I just know it is so important.  The problem is we often feel guilty from taking time to ourselves but you really can’t pour from an empty cup – you have to have the energy to give it. Make sure you take the time to refresh your mind as well as your body.

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So there you have my plans … now I just have to remember to DO them!

Any tips or ways to fit self care and mindfulness into my day? Gratefully received!

Love Ali x

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