Hi and welcome to Being Home!

I love being home. Being home is my happy place.

For a while though it became really stressful. I found we were existing around stuff and constantly moving stuff around but never really feeling like it worked.

We moved from a 2 bed semi to a 5 bed detached and didn’t have to buy any more furniture except the kids beds!

Our house was so full of things, nothing was cohesive and we were stressed.

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Then I read Myquillyn Smith’s book and I found my thing … Cosy Minimalism. You can read my full blog post on that here.

Needless to say I felt like I was talking with a friend who just “got me”. Myquillyn’s style connected my two dreams of a decluttered home that was still cosy and suddenly I knew where I had gone wrong.

I dream of a home filled with laughter and friends. One where everyone is welcome and feels at home. We now have space to have everyone round but rarely do as we find it so stressful.

Why? Because we aren’t ready yet.

It’s not about being perfect – or having a show home – in fact, far from it. We have a family home with two high energy kids and a new baby – it’s lived in and well loved which is just as it should be.

But it is also a project. All our money so far has gone into fixing. We are finally turning a corner and feeling like our home is starting to serve us just as much as we are it.

I dream of a day when I don’t have to do a mass toy gather up when I hear someone is popping over.

This is where I chart our journey to achieving our home dreams!

It’s also where I share what is working for us and our progress so far. So hop on board and let’s nail Being Home together!

Love Ali x

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